Courier Express

AFROX Express Services
Export to import and domestic express, AFROX EXPRESS offers a range of express shipping options. Find a shipping option that best suits your needs below.

Domestic Express

AFROX Domestic Express offers reliable door-to- door solutions for time-critical packages to be delivered within a country or city. We also pick up and deliver your packages within agreed delivery times. You can track your shipments online at any time.

Package Delivery
In addition to offering our customers a number of tailored solutions to meet their business needs, we also offer next-business- day and same-day door-to- door delivery for urgent domestic packages to main cities in their country. We always provide a proof of delivery for your package.

Package Collect
Our Package Collect service is a convenient solution for collecting documents, cheques and packages from your suppliers and having them delivered to your doorstep.

Cash on Delivery
AFROX can deliver any product to your customers, collect the amount paid from the buyer, and then transfer the payment to you.

Return Service
Send items and receive them back to your doorstep. This is an ideal solution for having documents signed or sending products that require repair and return.

Import Express

AFROX provides a global solution for importing and receiving time-sensitive documents and parcels door-to-door from countries worldwide to meet your business needs.. With Import Express, AFROX will only ship your packages upon request.

Import Unlimited
With your Import Express account number, AFROX ships the imports that are requested by you only.You can also sign up for “Import Unlimited” so that your global suppliers can ship directly to you using your AFROX Account. Simply ask your suppliers to ship domestically to your address and AFROX will forward your packages to your doorstep.

Online Importing
AFROX EXPRESS offers you smart tools to track your imports and other tools to import packages from your global suppliers. AFROX will speak to your suppliers provide them with import / export guidelines and formalities.

With Import Express, you have the option of importing through:

Priority Import Express
A door-to- door solution for your urgent packages.

Important Links

Import Terms and Conditions

Express Import Guidelines

Export Express

AFROX EXPRESS offer’s a range of reliable and cost-effective international shipping solutions to meet your needs. When you need your package as quickly as possible, use our export services for urgent door-to-door shipping. With Export Express, you can ship and send your packages, large or small, to anywhere in the world.

Additional Export Express features

  • Online Shipping and real-time tracking updates on
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Delivery notifications via e-mail and SMS
  • Customs clearance and a wide range of non-standard export and clearance services

Priority Express
Ship your urgent packages around the world through Priority Express. Your documents or parcels will be swiftly shipped and attentively cleared through customs to arrive on time to any global destination.

Value Express
For less urgent, heavy packages, AFROX EXPRESS offers Value Express, a time-definite delivery solution that enables you to ship and send packages around the world at more economical rates than Priority Express.