Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
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What payment methods can I use to pay for the AFROX EXPRESS services?

We have three (3) convenient payment modes available.

  1. You can pay by cash for scheduled online pickups, or;
  2. You can visit any of our outlets and pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or;
  3. Through our Monthly Invoices System for corporate customers with an AFROX EXPRESS account.

What items are prohibited on International Express?

To ensure safety while shipping parcels, AFROX EXPRESS discourages shipment of prohibited, restricted and dangerous items to any destination. For more information, you can visit Import Guidelines and read our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items.

Also note that some countries have additional restrictions, prohibitions, and acceptance processes for certain commodities. Please refer to the Customs Information page to check the prohibited/restricted items by country.

I would like to know more about items that are unacceptable for shipping, insurance, and service restrictions.

Please view our comprehensive list of Terms and Conditions here.

What other benefits will I get with AFROX EXPRESS Express?

AFROX EXPRESS Express now offers value added services such as collect charges, Cash-on delivery, Delivery (COD), free domicile, and signature required and much more.
What is Parcel Express?
The AFROX EXPRESS Parcel Express is the service of shipping parcels and packages and delivering them to their respective recipients. However, the minimum chargeable weight for parcels is 500 grams (1 lbs).

What is International Express?
The AFROX EXPRESS International Express service allows you to ship time-sensitive parcel(s) or document(s) weighing below 30 kilograms (66 lbs) to any location worldwide using the fastest available means.

What is Document Express?
The AFROX EXPRESS Document Express service is used to deliver documents efficiently to their final recipients. This service, however, attracts a minimum chargeable weight of documents weighing 500 grams (1 lbs).

What is Distribution Service?
Distribution Service means that AFROX EXPRESS will assume the responsibility of shipment distribution to multiple recipients (e.g. invoices, invitation cards).

What is Cash-on-Delivery (COD)?
Cash-on-Delivery (COD) is a service provided by AFROX EXPRESS where merchants can get AFROX EXPRESS to deliver their products to buyers and then collect the payment from the customers on their behalf.

What is ClickToShip?
The AFROX EXPRESS ClickToShip is a special software given to AFROX EXPRESS customers to ease the process of preparing shipments, printing air waybills, managing address books, as well as other useful functions.

What is AFROX EXPRESS Return Service?
AFROX EXPRESS Return is a service that allows customers to send a documents or parcel that needs a signature or any other action and then needs to be returned to the shipper.

What is AFROX EXPRESS Domestic Service?
AFROX EXPRESS Domestic is the service of shipping and delivering documents and parcels within the customer’s country.

How do I send an Express Shipment with AFROX EXPRESS?
You can ship with AFROX EXPRESS using one of the following methods:

Use the Online Shipping page to prepare your shipment
Download and use our free ClickToShip software to prepare your shipment at your convenience
Call your local AFROX EXPRESS office using the office Locator and ask for a shipment pickup
You can also drop your shipment at the nearest AFROX EXPRESS office

How do I order for AFROX EXPRESS boxes, pouches, and other supplies?
Visit our ‘Order Supplies’ section in ‘My AFROX EXPRESS’ page and submit an order for what you need.

Where can I get the ClickToShip software?
ClickToShip software can be downloaded from the Downloads page. You can also request a free copy from the local AFROX EXPRESS office.

How can I tell if my shipment qualifies for Express or Freight?
For Express shipment, the following conditions must be met:

A maximum of 30 kilograms
A combined length of not more than 274 centimeters (108 inches)
The dimensions must not exceed 158 centimeters (62 inches)
Maximum value limit for an express shipment (per shipment piece) is US$50,000
If your shipment does not match any of the above conditions, then it cannot be shipped as Express.

What is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight?
Actual weight is the weight of the package while volumetric weight takes into consideration the dimensions of the package. For example, if you order a tall vase, the volumetric package weight will be calculated based on the Length x Width x Height divided by 5000.

When your Shop and Ship package is received at our US/UK office, we calculate both the actual weight of the package and its volumetric weight; the larger figure will be applied to your package. This procedure is followed by all airlines and freight forwarding companies.